Holy Supper - 12/24/12

Just starting to gather, waiting for the Fist Star
The washing of hands
putting the hay under the table to remind us of the manger
Rope around the four legs of the table representing the word of God being spread to the four corners of the earth
Lighting the candle and placing on the window ledge to light the way for someone who may be trying to find their way
Placing of the white cloth, reminding us of the swaddling cloth and the purity of Christ
Lighting 3 candles for the Trinity
PLacing of the Nativity Scene by the children
Blessing of the Twelve Foods that represent the twelve Apostles
Blessing of the people with Holy Water
The Toast
Partaking of the Garlic and Honey, this reminds us of the bitter and sweet in life
THe breaking of Bread
The children hunting for candy in the hay