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Inscape Monthly Newsletters

Inscape newsletters concern teachings on the Christian Spiritual Life and Contemplative Prayer. The authentic Christian life is a life of prayerful worship in Spirit and Truth, where the main goal is to obey all the commandents of Jesus Christ by living consciously as possible in the loving presence of the Indwelling Trinity, so as to "pray always"...the "prayer in the heart", and to unceasingly give thanks to God, everywhere and for all things, in that deepest level of consciousness.

Contemplative Prayer (prayer of the whole person, body, soul and spirit) is THE LIVING REALITY where you personally encounter the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to live completely...out of love of God...and neighbor. The goal and destiny of the Christian Life, the goal of all humanity, is THEOSIS...DEIFICATION IN CHRIST!

The content of these newsletters has been drawn from Fr. George Maloney's (1924-2005) writings as a theologian, which are the result of his daily celebration of Divine Liturgy, night-vigils, the inspiriation of the Holy Spirit in his earthly life and my experiece of him as my Spiritual Father. Fr. George's voice truly echoes throughout Inscape

VERY IMPORTANT: If possible for you: print and read Inscape in the order presented, beginning with March 2013. The issues that are specific on contemplative prayer, build upon one another from the previous months content. 

May these newsletters be for you a help to live your life in the Heart of Jesus, "The Lord," and that He grant to you the constant memory of Him.



Throughout these monthly Inscape teachings, there is a reminding to ourselves of this "a journey" into the specialized world of Eastern Christianity Spirituality. There are all sorts of journeys we take. The Israelites journeyed for forty years through the desert, and only the faithful "Anawim," the "poor in spirit," entered into the promised land. Their long nomadic journey ended and yielded to a deeper journey into their hearts as they lived out their commitment to God's hesed covenant.

Yet there is a danger in describing these newsletters as a journey. Our experiences of taking a journey usually are tied to a linear movement from one place to another, always coming back to our beginning base. The impression is often given that after a journey we are now back "to business as usual," as though we had not been away.

It is Father Maloney's humble hope that this journey back into the writings of some of the leading Eastern Fathers of the early centuries will continue throughout your life. Such a journey will deepen in richness as you grow in the vibrancy of such spiritual views of these Eastern Christian Theologians and Mystics and Saints. May these teachings foster in your personal life a deeper gratitude to God for the treasures locked in the patristic writings of the Eastern Fathers.

I would like to conclude by quoting from Saint Gregory of Nyssa: 

"We who among beings count for nothing, who are dust, grass, vanity, who have been adopted to be children of the God of the universe, become the friend of this Being of such excellence and grandeur. This is a mystery that we can neither see nor understand nor comprehend. What thanks should we give for so great a favor? What word, what thought, what lifting up of mind in order to exalt the superabundance of this grace? We surpass our own very nature.

From mortal beings we become immortal, from perishable beings we become imperishable. From ephemeral we become eternal. In a word, from human beings we become gods.

In fact, rendered worthy to become children of God, we will have in ourselves the dignity of the Father, enriched by all the inheritance of the goods of the Father.

O munificence of the Lord, so bountiful....How great are the gifts of such ineffable treasures."

Fr. John


March 2013    Introduction.

April 2013       Are you called to be a Contemplative?

May 2013        How to form a Contemplative Prayer Group. 

June 2013   Difficulties in Contemplation.

July 2013        Discipline as an aid to Prayer.

August 2013    Spiritual Experiences in Prayer.

September 2013     Seeking Spiritual Direction...A "Soul Friend".

October 2013          Prayer is a Loving Presence

November 2013      Surrender in the Now Moment.

December 2013      Contemplation as a Stretching Out Toward God.         

January 2014      He Pitched His Tent Among Us

February 2014    Stress, Inner Peace and Healing  

March 2014         The Oasis of Tears

April 2014            Contemplation and Self Emptying Love

May  2014            The Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

June 2014            The Holy Spirit Who Dwells Within Each of Us

July 2014              Be Intercessors

August 2014         In Humility and In Love

September 2014   The Nature of True Humility

October 2014        The Poor in Spirit

November 2014     Practical Living in Joyful Humility

December 2014     Dreams and Visions and Divine Encounter

January 2015        Word (Logos) Made Flesh

February 2015      A Christian Spirituality of the Heart

March 2015           Heart Failure

April 2015              The Gift of Wonderment

May 2015              A Mystical Consciousness––What does "Heart" Mean?

June 2015             The Silent Heart

July 2015               A Broken Heart

August 2015         A Heart Healed by Divine Love

September 2015    Praying in the Heart

October 2015       The Heart of Jesus

November 2015    Can I really Experience God?

December 2015    Finding God In All Things

January 2016        A New Beginning

February 2016      Weep: There is No Other Way to Perfection

March 2016          Why must I Suffer?

April 2016            Trusting God in Time of Suffering

May 2016            A Christian New Age Consciousness

June 2016           Continuation: A Christian New Age Consciousness

July 2016             Prayer of Petition

August 2016         Please keep me in your prayers

September 2016  Luminous Darkness: The Apophatic Way

October 2016      God's Uncreated Energies of Love 

November 2016  Paradise Lost

 December 2016 Incarnation of Jesus Christ––The Savior of the World

January 2017      Devotion of Christian Icons

February 2017    The Holy Spirit: The Gift of Merciful Love

March 2017         The Holy Trinity: Mysticism of Community

April 2017            Made in God's Image and After His Likeness

May 2017            Inner Attention

June 2017           Childlike Abandonment and Deeper Prayer

July 2017             Loving the Christ in You

August 2017        Human Person––Divine Icon

September 2017     In God, There is no Darkness

October 2017         Receiving the Christ

November 2017      Being Forgiven

Father John had a stroke last November. He will continue with The Incape Newsletters as soon as he is able. Please remember him in your prayers! Thank you!